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Agile & Low Cost Project Management for Success in the Coronavirus Times

As the effect of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic begins to grow, companies are trying both to adapt to new forms of life and to consider what this can do.

14th Inflection Procurement and Project management Innovation Web Conference and Awards that was held in June 2020. The project leaders shared their wonderful opinions and insights. We started with the panel discussion moderated by Rajendra Bajaj at Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.

The panelists represented Manoj Arora Jindal Steel and Power Limited , Shirish Khare Head – Projects at Shoppers Stop Ltd and Chandrashekhar Saldur AGM Global Procurement & Special Project.


Mr. Rajendra Bajaj spoke about the issue of Project Management and Procurement Management during this Covid situation. In a crisis situation, every one works to get out of this crisis arrives with new ideas or new thinking mechanisms. So in this situation we have to think out of box.

Continuing with the thoughts Mr. Manoj Arora spoke about the challenges for the project managers that anything can happen every day, every moment of the business covid or normal scenario. So, we need to be trained to handle this kind of project disruption as a project manager. How to adapt the change? How to cope up with the change?How to monitor the things that is much important?

Further, Mr. Shirish Khare made a very important point that we must think in a different way. We were so used to the luxury of having things moved with a snap of finger on a phone call . He highlighted It’s not easy to send people and materials overnight, and to get stuff done.

Later on ,Mr. Chandrashekhar spoke about two main aspects of this scenario -Utilization of existing resources – Ensure about the supply risk He pointed out that there are many project simultaneously going on across all globe. In India, also many running projects ran during lockdown. Mr. Chandrashekhar appreciated people’s effort to keep the project running successfully.

He added “We have to ensure the supply risk mitigation because if we don’t get the material on time , the project is going to be on cause or it is going to be too late”.

Finally, this webinar is ended with the prestigious award ceremony where the top Industry leaders of India got awarded.

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