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Alden Global Value Advisors specializes in unlocking value through web conferences, roundtables, awards, consulting, CXO’s one-to-one meetings & training.

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Inflection Awards

It is India’s most prestigious award which felicitates the CXO’s, their teams & organizations for innovation and excellence in various categories. Get noticed or build your brand by winning Inflection awards in front of the top industry leaders of Global & Indian Companies.

SC/Logistics Awards

Technology Awards

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Inflection Conferences, Roundtables & Awards

India’s prestigious conferences to grow your network, business & knowledge. Excellent networking & speaking opportunities with Industry Leaders. Attend, Speak or Sponsor prestigious conferences on innovations in Finance & Technology, Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing.

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One -to-one meeting

Alden Global Value Advisors ( Alden) has an excellent working relationship with the Technology, Supply Chain, Logistics.Procurement, Finance & Marketing industry leaders across industries. We connect the solution providers with the business/ functional leaders to showcase their products or services. Alden also enable the consulting/ PE firms to reach out to the industry leaders for the business insights. ​




An Industry recognized context & outcome-based training programs in Supply chain, Logistics & Procurement & Digital Transformation…



We have a pristine Supply chain, Logistics, Procurement & Technology consulting practice which enables CXO’s, SVP’s & Head’s in Demand Sensing, Cost reduction, Customer Service improvement, Inventory Optimisation, Logistics cost reduction, E2E visibility, Transformation, …..



“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”- Harry Truman. 90% of the leadership is the ability to communicate something people want, but for an active and productive transfer of information, required knowledge about the subject works as a saviour. Read our blogs to have a glimpse of the knowledge shared and experience gained by the top leaders in our reputed conferences. Blog Categories:
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Procurement
  • Technology
  • BFSI/Finance
  • Project Management
  • Marketing


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