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Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference

Pharma IT Web Conference & Awards

Pharma IT Innovation

29th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

16th  February, 2021

Technology Driven Momentum for the next big wave in pharma & vaccines!

Join 150+ top leaders of Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference industry to understand

  • Digital Explosion in Pharma
  • Learnings on High Tech distribution
  • Cloud strategy for the next level
  • Unlocking the potential of data
  • Blockchain & AI
  • Tracing and mobility solutions

Pharma IT Innovation web conference to be held on 16th February, 2021 will be a cutting edge pharma tech conference you can’t afford to miss. The web conference will deliver an impactful technology agenda to benefit the pharma IT professionals and attendees from various Indian & Global companies. The professionals, business leaders and experts from respective fields are going to connect in our virtual event to share knowledge, narrate experiences, enlarge network, discuss the latest market trends and disruptive technologies.

You must surely be interested in exploring and connecting with pharma IT Leaders for your long-term business goals. With a primary motive of propelling the success and learning of pharma professionals through technology, the pharma IT Innovation web conference is designed to provide insights to make critical decisions. Now is the time for you to save the date and join us for sharing and learning about the latest technology solutions.

You can also win Prestigious Online Awards for various categories and celebrate your success & innovation . Get awarded by top industry leaders to showcase your company achievements & hard work.

Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference
Tracing & Mobility Solution for superior Vaccine & Pharma management.
Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference
Decoding disruptive tech innovations led growth in pharma.
Harnessing technology to build an agile Vaccine & Pharma industry.
Vaccine Innovation
Pharma Industry: the new age of digitalization.
Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference
Adopting AI & ML to unlock the full potential of Pharma.

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Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference Keynote

Pharma IT Innovation Web Conference IPD

BFSI Tech Innovation Inflection Conference


Somit Kapoor
“I am honoured to be a part of Inflection Conference & Awards Platform.Session was very amazing & interesting. Thank You.”
Somit Kapoor
VP & Global Head Automation,
“Amazing experience full of knowledge and meeting new people. Looking forward to being back.”
Venkatadri Ranganathan
Chief Operating Officer
Tata Chemicals

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