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Consumer Durables Supply Chain Web Conference

  • “Smart & Agile Durable Supply Chain”

    Retail Supply Chain & Web Conference & Awards
    Retail Supply Chain & Web Conference SIMM Mumbai Supply Chain & Web Conference CSMP

    Consumer Durables Supply Chain Innovation

    43rd Inflection Web Conference & Awards

    23rd  September, 2021

    Smart & Agile Durable Supply Chain!

    The consumer durable industry is amongst the most dynamic today. The products that did not exist until a decade ago have undergone rapid change, spawning an endless chain of innovations & new products. Across the consumer durable industry, the time to respond to market demands & changes is shrinking in the supply chain.The developments during the last year have been challenging as never before for the supply chain. Successful supply chain patterns need to be understood and discovered how the leaders innovated and collaborated with the external, internal suppliers and consumers. The pandemic has led to major supply chain disruptions and individual buying changes, which underline the critical importance of company’s agility and response.

    The smart supply chain is both self-optimizing & self-organizing.

    The “43rd Inflection Durable Supply Chain Web Conference & Awards” is curated to bring together the top industry leaders, professionals, and solution providers of the Supply chain & Logistics.

    You will get deep insights on:

    • How does a SMART Supply Chain make you win?
    • Creating next level agility in your Supply Chain
    • Self-organizing and self-optimizing Supply chain
    • Building segmented Supply Chain for the Omni channel
    • Supply Chain 4.0 & Logistics 4.0- from data to intelligent decision making
    • Maximizing availability through superior S&OP
    • Optimizing inventory through next-level planning

    We will also celebrate success, innovation, and excellence through India’s most prestigious awards in the Supply chain & Logistics categories. We endeavor to create and amplify a comprehensive and exciting communication platform for the top leaders & solution providers to share best practices, roadmap to the new normal & innovations. Inspiring keynotes, stimulating panel discussions, and live chats will add significant value to a cutting-edge agenda.

    Save the date and join us.

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    Speakers/Jury Preview

    What will you get? (Online)

    ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference Keynote

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    FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference


    Kirit Goyal
    “I had a good brainstorming session with Supply Chain experts at Inflection. It is an excellent platform for sharing solutions with decision-makers.”
    Rahul Vishwakarma
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Mate Labs
    Vickram Srivastava
    “Thanks for organizing a good conversation. Get great insights and learning from top industry experts. An excellent sitting overall. Thanks for the opportunity!”
    Nitin Bakshi
    Vice President ,India Operations,
    Schneider Electric

    Who Should Attend?

     Chief SC Officer







     Solution providers

    Focus Industry







     Sports equipment


    Why Attend?

    Learning & Insights

    Inspiring keynote sessions, case studies, thought-provoking panel discussions and engaging Q&A session all via remarkable virtual platform.

    Brand Marketing

    Discover new ways to build your brand name and generate leads. Invigorate existing client relationship and connect with the prospects.


    With the like-minded leaders about the challenges faced and the best solutions to rise above. One-on- one discussion between the speakers, solution providers and attendees through live chat are well organised to check the necessary business needs.


    Open and explore new doors of opportunity to enhance your market visibility by getting an access to the interaction between peer leaders about their best practices and philosophies.

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