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ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference

“E-commerce Supply Chain & Logistics: Driving the Change.”

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference & Awards
ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference SIMM ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference CSMP

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation

31th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

18th  March, 2021

E-commerce Supply Chain & Logistics: Driving the Change!

Join 150+ top leaders & 350+ Attendees of Ecommerce supply chain & logistics industry to understand:

  • Super-Charging Supply Chain & Logistics for the Ecom Explosion.
  • Demand Sensing and Shaping for Superior Stock Availability.
  • Remodeling for the Superior Customer Deliveries.
  • Innovations in the Last-Mile Delivery.
  • Enhancing the Speed of Order-Fulfilment.
  • Highly Flexible Ecom Operations.
  • Cognitive Ecom Supply Chain Management.
  • Reducing Inbound and Outbound Shipping Cost.
  • Re-energizing Collaboration in the extended Supply Chain.
  • Leveraging Robots and Drones in the Ecommerce Warehousing.
  • Optimization and stimulation for Ecommerce.

Supply chain & logistics are at the heart of ecommerce. Ecommerce is evolving faster than ever, one pause and you’ll be puzzled by the next big wave. Agility and flexibility in supply chain & logistics ensures the true optimization of the resources in burgeoning ecommerce market.

The 31st Inflection E-commerce Supply Chain & Logistics Web conference & awards is curated to bring together the top industry leaders, the professionals and experts of supply chain & logistics sector. The event will also celebrate the success, innovation and excellence through India’s most Prestigious awards in supply chain & logistics categories.

The vision is to create and amplify a wide and exciting communication platform for the top leaders to share the knowledge, learning and some valuable experience. Inspiring keynote, interesting panel discussions and live chat are well planned to add great value to the cutting-edge agenda to open the doors for a multi-dimensional view over the market.

Save the date and join us in our web conference to hear from top leaders discussing about the current challenges, successful practices and roadmap of the new normal.

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics
Wowing the customer through cutting edge Last Mile Delivery.
ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
E-commerce Supply chain & Logistics: Driving the Change.
ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Customer expectations vs. the last-mile delivery.
ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Future of E-Commerce supply chain & logistics.
ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Digitalization and automation for E-commerce logistics.

Who Should Attend?



 Directors/ Heads

 General Managers


 Logistics Provider

 Warehouse Provider

 Technology Provider

Focus Industry




Why Attend?

Learning & Insights

Inspiring keynote sessions, case studies, thought-provoking panel discussions and engaging Q&A session all via remarkable virtual platform.

Brand Marketing

Discover new ways to build your brand name and generate leads. Invigorate existing client relationship and connect with the prospects.


With the like-minded leaders about the challenges faced and the best solutions to rise above. One-on- one discussion between the speakers, solution providers and attendees through live chat are well organised to check the necessary business needs.


Open and explore new doors of opportunity to enhance your market visibility by getting an access to the interaction between peer leaders about their best practices and philosophies.

Speakers/Jury Preview

What will you get? (Online)

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference Keynote

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference IPD

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference E-booths

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference


Ashok Kumar
“It was extremely insightful session and a very thought provoking session between brilliant panellists.”
Ashok Kumar
Head Supply Chain,
Brittania Industries Limited
“Thank you everyone for your valuable inputs. It was really a great interaction and a very insightful session.”
Raman Kaul
Head-India Operations,
TVS Supply Chain Solutions

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