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Last Mile Delivery Web Conference

  • Last Mile Delivery Web Conference & Awards
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    Last Mile Delivery

    26th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

    23rd  December, 2020

    Transforming Last-Mile Logistics!

    The emergence of ecommerce has changed the way of logistics and supply chain game. The rise in trends like E commerce, crowd sourcing apps and same day delivery has prevailed the Last Mile delivery segment. E commerce is causing a tidal wave of change in how companies interact with shoppers and business customers. To meet growing customer demands and expectations in today’s world companies are transforming all aspects for their businesses. This is true for the transport & Logistics processes that are impacted by accelerating number of shipments and a growing list of preferences for the delivery options. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing even the consumer and pharma companies to deliver directly to customers or find partners who can do the same. With the majority of deliveries made in urban and congested areas the cost-per delivery has become very high. Customer- centric-logistics or the “Last Mile” is particularly affected by these trends. Open collaboration platforms are also developing and multiple shippers are coming together to optimize Last-Mile-Deliveries. Emerging innovative models are surfacing where trading partners are collaborating and sharing data to drive increased efficiencies in customer centric logistics.
    Value chains are evolving into value networks that can more easily respond to the customer demands. As customer interact across thechannels, there is an opportunity to turn this customer intelligence and visibility for how deliveries are made in the last mile.
    The leaders of logistics, supply chains and technology solutions help solve the problems with their creative and innovative solutions that contribute to the last mile process of productivity and optimisation.

    Join top industry leaders of Last Mile Delivery to gain Insights on:

    • Technology delivered for the superior cost, customer service and competitive advantage in Last Mile Ecosystem.
    • Enhancing the speed & efficiency in Last Mile Delivery Services.
    • Effective Last Mile logistics strategy for high business growth
    • Components that are impacting the last-mile delivery cost
    • What choices should be made to avoid the late deliveries and misplaced shipments?
    • How to get the flexibility in real-time tracking and visibility for customers?
    • How to deal with an unprecedented demand of customers beyond Covid-19?

    You can also win Prestigious Online Awards for various categories and celebrate your success & innovation . Get awarded by top industry leaders to showcase your company achievements & hard work.

    BFSI Tech Innovation
    The logistics battle: Surge of Digital over Physical.
    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Effective Last Mile Logistics Strategy for High Business Growth.
    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Rethinking the Last Mile logistics to make you win.

    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Innovation Track-1
    Technology delivered: Superior cost, customer service, and competitive advantage in Last Mile Ecosystem.
    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Innovation Track-2
    Enhancing Speed & Efficiency: Best-in-class Last-Mile Delivery Services.

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    Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar
    “It was great contributing to this insightful session among industry leaders.”
    Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar
    Senior Vice President
    Landmark Group
    Saurabh Lal
    “It was a great discussion comprised of professionals. Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful, knowledge sharing and learning-oriented session with experienced panelists.”
    Saurabh Lal
    Director Supply Chain
    Kellogg Company

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