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Retail Supply Chain Web Conference

“Reimagining the shape of retail”

Retail Supply Chain & Web Conference & Awards
Retail Supply Chain & Web Conference SIMM Mumbai Supply Chain & Web Conference CSMP

Retail Supply Chain Innovation

42nd Inflection Web Conference & Awards

26th  August, 2021

Reimagining the shape of retail!

During the early phases of the pandemic, businesses experienced disrupted supply chains due to continuous lockdowns and a shortfall of employees, leading to enormous losses for their enterprises. After the outbreak, companies had time to reflect on their operations and what needed to be done to establish a supply chain that can withstand such crises going forward.

Experts say that retail in India has become one of fastest-growing sectors in the world due to its dynamic and fast-paced nature. Several new actors, new technology, and quickly changing consumer behaviour are responsible for this. Now it’s time to evaluate objectives and plan for the future as the year 2023 gets closer. When a store or brand’s consumer relationship evolves, it’s essential to reevaluate choices and recalibrate strategies.

The “42nd Inflection Retail Supply Chain Web Conference & Awards” is curated to bring together the top industry leaders, professionals, and solution providers of the Supply chain & Logistics.

You will get deep insights on:

  • Managing uncertainty in the Supply Chain  
  • AI in Retail Supply Chain
  • How can technology make your supply chain agile?
  • Resilience through end-to- end Supply Chain visibility 
  • How to make an antifragile Supply Chain?
  • Leveraging Supply Chain technology for the next level
  • How to stay agile in the face of unexpected disruptions?

We will also celebrate success, innovation, and excellence through India’s most prestigious awards in the Supply chain & Logistics categories. We endeavour to create and amplify a comprehensive and exciting communication platform for the top leaders & solution providers to share best practices, roadmap to the new normal & innovations. Inspiring keynotes, stimulating panel discussions, and live chats will add significant value to a cutting-edge agenda.

Save the date and join us.

Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics
Managing uncertainties of demand proactively.
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Reshaping and reinventing the Supply Chain.
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Supply Chain 2023: What will endure & what’s going to change?
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Augmented Reality in Supply Chain .
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Fashion retail in the new age: Technology a game changer.

Speakers/Jury Preview

What will you get? (Online)

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference Keynote

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference IPD

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference E-booths

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference


Kirit Goyal
“Thanks for organizing a wonderful and very informative conference. As sponsors, we were initially hesitant about the online format, however, the results seems to be very good. The production format was great.”
Kirit Goyal
Gazelle Information Technologies
Vickram Srivastava
“Great insights and good learnings. It was a great learning experience for me. Good to understand what is happening in other companies.”
Mukhrit Mittal
Head-Distribution and Logistics,
Crocs India

Who Should Attend?

 Chief SC Officer


 Directors/ Heads


Focus Industry

 Apparel & Retail




Why Attend?

Learning & Insights

Inspiring keynote sessions, case studies, thought-provoking panel discussions and engaging Q&A session all via remarkable virtual platform.

Brand Marketing

Discover new ways to build your brand name and generate leads. Invigorate existing client relationship and connect with the prospects.


With the like-minded leaders about the challenges faced and the best solutions to rise above. One-on- one discussion between the speakers, solution providers and attendees through live chat are well organised to check the necessary business needs.


Open and explore new doors of opportunity to enhance your market visibility by getting an access to the interaction between peer leaders about their best practices and philosophies.

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