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Project Management Innovation
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Procurement & Project Management Innovation

14th Inflection All India Web Conference & Awards,

27th  June’20

Theme : Agile & Low Cost Procurement & Project Management in the COVID-19 times!

COVID- 19 has an evident impact on the economy at a larger scale wherein the various processes of businesses have been disrupted. This pandemic has launched unprecedented challenges to the procurement across .Innovative Procurement Leaders are unlocking value for the company despite the global crisis. Industrial Leaders have acquired other methods on the face of COVID-19 to pave their way by unlocking funds intelligently, fulfilling urgent demands, balancing short term sourcing decisions with existing network constraints and overall building a resilient base for the future. Inflection Procurement & Project Management Innovation is an exclusive platform to discuss the key industry challenges of procurement/project management executives to find technology, products, efficiency and service related solutions in order to boost their overall operations and results. Inflection Procurement & Project Management Innovation helps the senior procurement/project executives to forge strong and everlasting business relationships to share best practice and knowledge about latest trends.

Join us at 14th Inflection Procurement & Project Innovation Web Conference & Awards to gain insights on :
  • Managing the procurement under the COVID-19 constraints & highly uncertain demands.
  • Low cost strategies in procurement.
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution in contracts in the current scenario.
  • Technology in Procurement: e-Procurement, AI, Spend Analytics and Robotics.
  • Understand the importance of negotiating early pay/dynamic discounts.
  • Lowering cost of projects in the Coronavirus times.
  • Project Management in the age of Digital Transformation.
  • Maintain project control through scope, schedule, budget, and resource during constraints
  • A roadmap to tackle cost & time overruns in the key Projects.
  • Project Interface Management in the difficult scenario.
  • Procurement in an project environment.
  • Project contracting strategies in the new normal.
  • Talent crisis in procurement & projects.

Manufacturing Inflection Procurement & Project Management Innovation
Pharma Inflection Procurement & Project Management Innovation


” It was a great conference. Panel discussion were amazing and we had some great group of people from the industry in one room and lot of knowledge was shared.”
Deepa Prasad
Head of Procurement
Mohit Inflection Procurement & Project Management Innovation
“The agenda was built to the need of Industry. This is what I am doing and planning to do. A very good conference.”
Mohit Jauhari
Chief Procurement Officer
Rockman Industries Ltd.

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