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Tech Innovation Inflection Web Conference Awards

Tech Innovation Web Conference

Tech Innovation

20th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

24th  September’20

Driving New Technologies to Deliver Business Growth!

Tech Innovation has proven a boon in Pandemic. CIOs & Technology Leaders are busy ramping up the projects which are unlocking value for the company. Work from home heralds decentralized authority and responsibility, better coordination along with ensuring the well-being of employees to give them a sense of belongingness. Companies despite budget cuts have gone ahead with the technology capex for efficiency, productivity, analytics, marketing, security…… The coronavirus driven pandemic has significantly impacted the technology sector in a way also. Industry leaders are missing out on global technology opportunities, delayed launch of new products and inflationary risks. An estimated loss of US $1 Billion has already been incurred. In the long term, the IT sector is expected to undergo a gigantic reshuffle to rebuild resilience in the post-corona virus scenario. In contrary, During this crisis people have realized the importance of technology and the internet due to a worldwide use of teleconferencing tools. Consequently, there is an exponential rise in demand for software and social media platforms.

Join 150+ CXO and 400 attendees at 20th Inflection Tech Innovation Web Conference & Awards to gain insights on:

  • How can Blockchain Technology revolutionize your business?
  • What new technologies are playing a crucial role in transforming the business & its future?
  • Scaling AI: Pushing the frontiers on every part of the stack.
  • Boost Smart Manufacturing- Leveraging cutting edge technology.
  • How RPA Can be used for Digital Transformation?
  • India’s Technology opportunity by 2022- Transforming work, Empowering people.
  • Preparation to leverage IOT in 5G scenario.
India’s most prestigious Online Awards Inflection Awards will be held online during the web conference. This is a top honor of India in technology across Industries won by top
  • – CIOs,
  • – CTOs,
  • – CSOs,
  • – Technology leaders,
  • – Start-up Entrepreneurs,
  • – Service Providers,
It felicitates the industry leaders, their teams & organizations for the innovations and excellence. Inflection Awards also offers unprecedented networking, learning and recognition wherein over 600 plus domains experts gather online to celebrate their success. Above all, it is the best occasion to recognize your team’s hard work through external benchmarking. An award nomination form will be issued once you register.

Technology playing a crucial role in transforming the business & it’s future
Tech Innovation Manufacturing
Boost Smart Manufacturing – Leveraging cutting edge technology
Banking Tech Innovation
India’s Technology opportunity by 2022 – Transforming work, empowering people

What will you get? (Online)

Tech Innovation Keynote

Inflection Conference E-booths


Manish Gahlaut
“I am honoured to be a part of Inflection Conference & Awards Platform.Session was very amazing & interesting. Thank You.”
Somit Kapoor
VP & Global Head Automation,
Kirti Attar
“Amazing experience full of knowledge and meeting new people. Looking forward to being back.”
Jitendra Singh
JK Cement

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Registration Form

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