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Vaccine & Pharma Logistics Web Conference & Awards

  • Vaccine & Pharma Logistics Web Conference & Awards
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    Vaccine & Pharma Logistics Innovation

    28th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

    21st  January, 2021

    Super charging Covid-19 Vaccine & Pharma logistics to a global level!

    The leading vaccine candidates all around the world are at the heart of clinical trials. Global demand for the production of vaccines is for 7.8 billion individuals. The worldwide delivery and logistics of the vaccine is a major challenge.
    As the pandemic impacted the planet in 2020, the Indian pharmaceutical industry took this as a challenge to produce and re-energize supply chains even during the lockdown phase.
    The world is once again looking at India as a sign of hope for the production and delivery of the large amount of vaccines expected to counter the pandemic. India contributes 60 percent of the vaccine production of the world and is going to play a vital role in equitable distribution of vaccines around the world.
    The pharmaceutical supply chain is facing one of its most important tests from the current COVID-19 pandemic, and several businesses are trying to survive. The delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine would be the primary focus in 2021. However, based on a recent study, questions about the state of the supply chain could slow down successful and timely distribution and it goes above the anticipated difficulties with the vaccine’s temperature-controlled existence.

    Join 150+ top leaders of Vaccine & Pharma industry to understand

    • Impact of COVID-19
    • Lagging technology adoption
    • Transforming Vaccine & Pharma Logistics
    • Reliability of logistics service costs
    • Advanced challenges in vaccine supply chain

    You can also win Prestigious Online Awards for various categories and celebrate your success & innovation . Get awarded by top industry leaders to showcase your company achievements & hard work.

    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Disruptive technologies for the next generation Vaccine supply chain & distribution.
    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Shaping & energizing vaccine supply chain and logistics network.
    Creating resilience in the globally disruptive Pharma Supply chain & Logistics.
    Vaccine Innovation
    Tomorrow’s Pharma SC & Logistics: The value of partnership approach with LSP’s.
    BFSI Tech Innovation
    Transforming Vaccine & Pharma Logistics for superior delivery with product integrity.

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    BFSI Tech Innovation Inflection Conference


    “Pleasure to interact will all the leaders. Had lots of valuable insights and learning from all of them.”
    Saurabh Gupta
    Sr Vice President-Supply Chain
    Ashish Jain
    “It was a pleasure to be a part of this platform. Sharing ideas and perspectives. Enjoyed the panel of tremendous supply chain professionals. Thanks for the amazing insights.”
    Manish Gahlaut
    Head Supply Chain
    Novartis India

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