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Future ready Supply chain, Logistics, Procurement & Manufacturing! 

We specialize in creating value for the organisations and its Leaders through Supply chain, Logistics, Procurement & Manufacturing Consulting and Transformation.

Alden Global Value Advisors Pvt. Ltd. help the CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, SVPs to diagnose the problem correctly & find the right Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing solutions which are fit to your company, your pain area and your Industry. This is done by our experts who are Ex CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, SVPs of Supply chain, Logistics & procurement and manufacturing of Global & Regional companies. Currently the Supply chain, Logistics, Procurement and Manufacturing is undergoing a disruptive change.

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Demand Sensing & Forecasting

It is now more important as leaders to incorporate Real-time End to Visibility, Connectivity, Integrated Business Planning and Artificial Intelligence into the value chain. We help organisations to improve customer fill rate, Reduce Logistics cost, Improve Supply chain efficiency, reduce inventory, creating value in procurement, reduce procurement cost leveraging.
Demand Sensing, Inventory Optimization, Integrated Business Planning, Supply Planning, Production Planning, Demand Driven MRP, Detailed Scheduling, Connected Logistics, Yard Management.
We provide you with a single window to see and evaluate the multiple & best solutions available across the industry. Want to understand more? Ask for a Value Discovery session. You can reach out to us at

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Integrated Business Planing

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Logistics Case Study

Road and Bridge Network

Alden global VA experts have proven experience across Industries. Our Solutions & consultants have delivered Logistics cost reduction, Forecast improvement, Working capital improvement, Inventory reduction, Productivity improvement, End to End Supply chain Visibility, Track & Trace and much more on focussed to large-scale transformation Projects.
In this fast-paced Business environment, we can give you the executive dashboards which give you the desired quick information on KPI status Realtime.

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End to End Real-time Visibility of your Supply chain with Financial Scenario builders for quick and data based Executive decision making.