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E-commerce Webinar & Awards

Ecommerce Webinar & Awards

16th Inflection E-commerce Webinar & Awards(Online)

25th  July’20

COVID19 had a seemingly great impact on the e-commerce industry as there has been significant fluctuation in the trends and consumer buying behaviour along with an uncertain future. Restrictions on eligible items to essentials and the limitations placed on physical movement have acted as a barrier in the progression of online stores and deliveries. The e-commerce sector is being impacted on the supply as well as the demand side and while some companies are able to adapt and respond to the changes, others are not able to because of the nature of limitations that have been imposed. The E-commerce industry like any other industry has also suffered the staff & logistics crisis due to the result of lockdown. Ecommerce businesses have devised new strategies to stay afloat such as contact-less deliveries, pushing marketing regarding their hygiene policies while dealing with logistics to build trust among their customers.

Join our E-commerce Webinar & Awards to gain insights on:
  • Improvised strategies adopted by e-commerce businesses to survive
  • How to overcome constraints thrown by Pandemic
  • Understanding Purchasing responses to COVID19
  • Building Efficient Marketing Strategies to attract customers
  • Monitoring & Regulating Contact-less Delivery

What will you get? (Online)

E-commerce Webinar & Awards Showcase

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Networking E-commerce Webinar & Awards

E-commerce Webinar & Awards Impactful Keynote Session

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