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Consumer Supply Chain Innovation

Consumer Supply Chain Innovation
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Consumer Supply Chain Innovation

15th Inflection Web Conference & Awards(Online)

18th  July’20

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the businesses to think in unique and different ways. Customers are now increasingly exercising caution on what, where, and how they buy. As demand surges for essential products, companies across the globe have been scrambling to streamline their supply chains to secure immediate operations. AS the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread the FMCG, Durables, E com & Retail companies have stepped up their efforts when it comes to providing consumers with goods required in day to day life. In order to achieve this the supply chains are facing challenges that require extraordinary measures to ensure that the goods continue to be delivered to stores and consumer doorsteps. To mitigate the short-term fallout, supply chain leaders are creating high visibility, building rapid response capabilities and simultaneously reducing cost. Also, there is a huge ask for cost reduction and product availability.

Join our 15th Inflection Consumer Supply Chain Innovation Web Conference & Awards to gain insights on:
  • How Consumer supply chains are adapting to the COVID-19 Lockdown?
  • COVID-19 Learnings for FMCG: Supply Chain Efficiency vs Agility
  • How retail supply chains are becoming more resilient in the times of crisis?
  • How Durables Supply Chain is evolving during COVID-19Times COVID-19 Times?
  • Supporting high ecommerce growth in disruptive business environment.
  • Managing last mile & first mile with lean manpower.
  • Which technology projects to carry on?
  • Talent Management in a virtual world

Supply chain & logistics consumer
COVID-19 Learnings for FMCG: Supply Chain Efficiency vs Agility
Supply chain & logistics
Consumer Durables
How Durables Supply Chain is evolving during COVID-19 Times
Retail Consumer Supply Chain Innovation
Managing Retail Supply Chain during COVID-19 Times
E-commerce Consumer Supply Chain Innovation

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