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Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation

Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation
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Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation

22nd Inflection Web Conference & Awards

27th  October 2020

Analyzing & Enhancing the Profitability in Supply Chains!

COVID-19 has disrupted operations on a large scale, making it difficult for manufacturers to determine the effects and to respond quickly. The production disruption caused by Coronavirus has significant organizational, social, and financial implications. The manufacturing supply chain & logistics leaders have focused on addressing the immediate problems to keep the company as profitable as possible. Manufacturing companies need to rapidly define the goods most essential for stabilization and development, to simplify the supply chains involved, and to accommodate vital competencies to meet future and short-term demand in all situations Now, It is clear that manufacturing companies desperately need more accountability, agility, reactivity, and flexibility in their Supply chain & Logistics operations.

Join Our Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation to gain Insights on :

  • Supply Chain Redesign strategy for the changed world.
  • Variability in Demand & its successful management.
  • Driving Costs, Agility, Resources Utilization Goals.
  • Efficient Network & Inventory Optimization- Unlocking the Profitability.
  • Impact of Industry 4.0 on Supply Chain Operations.
  • How is Machine Learning Influencing the Demand Planning?
  • SCM Disruption, Resilience & Impact of IOT.
  • Real Time Data Led Decision making for Superior Results.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation
Manufacturing – 1 Panel Discussion
Supply Chain Redesign for the changed world.
Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation
Manufacturing – 2 Panel Discussion
Variability of supply networks – Leveraging the supply chain resilience & technology for success.
Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation
Manufacturing – 3 Panel Discussion
Efficient Network & Inventory Optimization – Unlocking the Profitability.

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