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Inflection Conference Inflection Conference
Inflection India’s Top Supply Chain Solution Providers

20th May,2021

Inflection India’s Top Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Alden Global Value Advisors did research on Supply chain planning solutions currently available in India. We also took the feedback from hundreds of Industry leaders from MNC& Indian companies on the SC planning solutions. The two key parameters which are dominant in the decision making:

1. Vendor’s vision

It indicates the vision of the vendor to develop a futuristic solution. The vendor’s vision should also have a robust foundation of purpose, strategy, innovation, financial ability, technical capability, market responsiveness, and reach.

2. Usability

It indicates the ability of a solution to enhance user efficiency, effectiveness, and experience through its functions & features.

Inflection India’s Top Supply Chain Planning Solution Award is the most prestigious “People Choice Award” for any Indian or Multinational technology solution provider.