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Cloud Service Providers

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Inflection India’s Top Cloud Services Providers

26th  May, 2021

Alden Global Value Advisors did research on Top Cloud Service Providers available in India. We also took the feedback from hundreds of Industry leaders from MNC & Indian companies .The two key parameters which are dominant in the decision making:

1. Vendor’s vision

It indicates the vision of the vendor to develop a futuristic solution. The vendor’s vision should also have a robust foundation of purpose, strategy, innovation, financial ability, technical capability, market responsiveness, and reach.

2. Usability

It indicates the ability of a solution to enhance user efficiency, effectiveness, and experience through its functions & features.

Inflection India’s Top Cloud Service Provider Award is the most prestigious “People Choice Award” for any technology solution provider.

The Top Cloud Service Providers have been chosen by Alden Global Value Advisors research based on Vendor’s vision & Usability of the solution and are now open for a vote by the public to rank.

Share this page link with your Customers, Company/ Contractual employees,industry peers,Vendors who are aware about your company & solutions etc. so that they can vote. The voters will use the professional knowledge to rate the companies which have been gathered from being directly associated or indirectly, social media, professional conferences, webinars, education, etc. For voting, please rank the cloud service providers given below.

PS: Only one response per email id will be considered. An email to us will not be considered a vote. The right of the disqualification of any company from this award category is reserved with the organizers.

Thousands of professionals voted to choose the TOP Cloud Service Providers 2021

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You can also apply for Awards in Individual, Leadership or Company Categories.