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Supply Chain South Web Conference

“Accelerating the Supply Chain for high growth”

Supply Chain South & Web Conference & Awards
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Supply Chain Innovation

45th Inflection Web Conference & Awards

14th  October, 2021

Accelerating the Supply Chain for high growth!

The Supply Chains are driving the businesses when it comes to creating value. It is no longer just a support function but catapulted to an engine of new customer experiences & businesses.

This new Age Supply chain requires a strategy that is structured around the agility, superior planning, visibility, and scalability enabled by technologies.

With the Supply chain becoming more customer-centric, it is high time for the supply chain executives to incline towards a digital mindset and embrace that it is a constant need to evolve to a modern, data-driven supply chain execution process.

The “45th Inflection Supply Chain Innovation Web Conference & Awards” is curated to bring together the top industry Supply Chain & Logistics leaders, professionals, experts, & solution providers from the Supply Chain industry. The event will also celebrate success, innovation, and excellence through India’s most prestigious awards.

Brainstorm with Supply Chain leaders on:

  • Embracing demand-driven planning
  • Enhancing supply availability performance
  • Achieving end-to-end visibility
  • Unlocking competitive advantage through SCM
  • Accelerating Supply Chain decision making
  • Predictive analytics for supply chain
  • World-class manufacturing Supply Chain

We endeavour to create a comprehensive and exciting communication platform for the top SCM & Logistics leaders to share their best practices and valuable experience. Insync with the innovative technologies, the discussions will also include the amalgamation of cutting-edge topics, inspiring keynotes, exciting panel discussions, and live chat to add value to the forum.

Save the date and join us.

Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics
Embracing demand-driven planning.
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Exceeding availability targets in a complex supply network..
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Enabling high growth through a superior pharma Supply Chain
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Building a world-class manufacturing supply chain.
Delhi Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference
Digitalization of end-to-end Supply Chain planning.

Speakers/Jury Preview

What will you get? (Online)

ECOM Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference Keynote

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference IPD

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference E-booths

FMCG Supply Chain & Logistics Web Conference


Kirit Goyal
“I had a good brainstorming session with Supply Chain experts at Inflection. It is an excellent platform for sharing solutions with decision-makers.”
Rahul Vishwakarma
Co-Founder & CEO
Mate Labs
“It was great to be a part of an insightful session among top industry leaders. Had lots of valuable thoughts and learning from all of them”
Jagadeesh Kunchey
VP-Supply chain &Logistics,
ITC Limited

Who Should Attend?

 Head SCM



 Directors/ GMs

 Head Logistics

 Tech Leaders


 Sr. Professionals

Focus Industry

 Consumer Goods





Why Attend?

Learning & Insights

Inspiring keynote sessions, case studies, thought-provoking panel discussions and engaging Q&A session all via remarkable virtual platform.

Brand Marketing

Discover new ways to build your brand name and generate leads. Invigorate existing client relationship and connect with the prospects.


With the like-minded leaders about the challenges faced and the best solutions to rise above. One-on- one discussion between the speakers, solution providers and attendees through live chat are well organised to check the necessary business needs.


Open and explore new doors of opportunity to enhance your market visibility by getting an access to the interaction between peer leaders about their best practices and philosophies.

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