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One-2-One meetings(online)

Connecting minds, creating your future!

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a problem for businesses/ professionals to meet and understand the perspective of industry leaders in the new normal. Alden Global Value Advisors ( Alden) have a deep connection with the Technology, Supply chain & Procurement leaders across industries. We enable solution providers to meet online and convince the business/ functional leader about their solution or services. The consulting firms use one-2one meetings (online) to understand the sector’s growth & opportunities in India & APAC from the Industry leaders. The aspiring professionals are also using this for mentorship with industry leaders to fast track professional growth.

What will you get?

  •  Influence decision makers 

    Engage the decision-makers to highlight your solutions, services & successful customer stories through web calls. Get the focussed attention of the industry leader without any competition and win large deals!

  • One on one consultation

    We will connect you in one-to-one meetings (web call)  or with the targeted best industry leader, expert, or adopter who will share the best practices, case studies, transformation stories & sector opportunities. Alden will connect you with top industry leaders to build the global/ Indian business intelligence through engaging online one-on-one sessions.

  • Accelerate Your Career

    Understand from a top leader what you should do to accelerate your career in a one-2-one mentoring session. This will be your chance to showcase your work/ initiatives and win roles in your dream organizations.

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