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​ Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

  • The award nominees must fill the requisite document within the prescribed word limit.
  • All Questions in the worksheet are mandatory unless and until specified.
  • The question with “*” are only mandatory  for Technology Awards Category . 
  • Please see the comments wherever notified.
  • Kindly give the rating on the questions where scale is mentioned.  Scale 1-10 ( 1 being the least).
  • Word limit is generally 100 Words until and unless specified. 
  • Please fill seperate questionnaires for each nomination.
  • The activities mentioned must be on-going or have been completed within the past 12 months.
  • The nominations will be judged on the submission. You may also give a supporting documentation in case required.
  • The supporting documentation must be mailed to the organizers before the date of the final submission with clearly mentioning the reference nbr.
  • The information cited by the participants must support facts and figures.
  • The name and position of the person who will receive the trophy from your organisation.
  • The Awardees should wear formals and Conference id cards for the Award ceremony.
  • Nomination Fee is non refundable.

Competition Rules Entry

  • Competing companies or individuals can participate in multiple categories.
  • For the collaboration award, Supplier of a product or service wishing to enter should have it as a joint entry with one of their clients, or alternatively, with one of the users of the product or service to allow the verification for the judges. The nature of the joint entries must be stated at the outset.
  • Competing companies are required to provide additional information  as soon as possible to the nominated jury substantiating the form whenever asked. All potential conflicts of interest will be avoided wherever they are known to exist.
  • Proof read your Entry Document as re submission is not allowed.


  • Competing companies or individuals with incomplete entries stated at the outset will be deemed invalid and disqualified from Inflection  Awards.
  • The Judges may disqualify at their discretion entries with undue, improper, or untested  claims.
  • Inflection Awards reserves the right to disengage any competing company or individual from the judging process should the entry be deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  • Inflection  Awards reserves the right to disengage any competing company from the competition at their sole discretion and without recourse to said entrant.
  • The projects which have been nominated once for the Awards will not be eligible for the renomination.


  • By nominating* for Inflection Awards the companies and individual agree that their representative(s) will attend Inflection  Awards to accept the awards should they win in their respective category. The award will not be given postfacto.
  • The organizers reserve the right to withdraw the relevant shortlisted entry(s) from the competition without further recourse.
  • Even if an entry has been declared the winner in their applied category, the organizers reserve the right to void the entrants submission(s) and promote the next placed entrant present at the event to be declared the winner.

After Winning

  • The selection of the winners will be at the sole discretion of the Judges, and their decision will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • All entrants agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and accept no correspondence, telephone, email or communication of any kind will be entered into in relation to decisions reached.
  • The organizers reserve the right to use any photographs, video, sound, written or other material as it sees fit and without restriction of Inflection  Awards winners.
  • The winners of Inflection awards must mention their winning year and category clearly in their advertising, promotional material


  • The entries could be re categorized at the discretion of the Judges to allow meaningful comparison with other entries in the same Industry sector, company size or focus area.
  • The Inflection  Awards reserve the right to nominate the entrant in additional categories that the organizers feel appropriate.
  • In case we receive high or lower number of entries in an award category, the awards will be re/sub-categorized.


  • Pick the right category and the ones relevant to you. Some companies seem to enter certain categories and ignore the other ones wherein they have the higher probability to win. Choose wisely.
  • Too much information is always bad. Stick to the questions and be prudent with your answers. Follow the guidelines and be in the word limit.
  • Put yourself in the judges shoes before answering the questions. Look through their perspective and then put forward your information. Keep your answers simple and justifiable.
  • Proof read everything to avoid grammatical and careless errors.
  • Present your data meticulously. Sometimes the art is to deliver the right information in the right manner. Show your best figures in the strongest way.
  • Ask for guidance if required. The entire industry is talking about the event. Hearing out different thoughts and perceptions will help in keeping the best information forward.
  • Show off your best assets. Substantiate them with figures, facts and success stories.