Duration 2 Days

Date: April 17-18, 2021


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Venture capital fundraising for entrepreneurs is an Enigma. Most entrepreneurs wonder why some companies get funded whereas some others struggle in their endeavor to sell their value proposition. This course is mean to share investor perspective “what investors look for when making equity investments in early stage companies?” and subsequently apply those learnings to the ideas of various participants.


  • Learn basic ingredients for funding success from an investor lens.
  • Assess the potential of your current or future business for equity funding.


Learning through extensive discussion and participant cases.


This course is meant for prospective and current entrepreneurs looking to get venture funding for their ideas/startups. MSME company promoters looking to scale up their businesses by way of equity infusion in their companies from external individuals and institutions will also benet from the course.


  • What is Venture Capital?
  • What do investors look for in early stage deals?
  • What do investors look for in MSME companies for funding?
  • Who are the Venture Capital investors and how they differ in their strategies?
  • Skeleton term sheets & fundraising jargon
  • Is my idea fundable? [Bring your idea to classroom discussion and learn its pros and cons from the vantage point of future funding potential]

Certification recognised by Industry Leaders


Prof. Puneet Gupta

Prof. Puneet Gupta has close to 25 years of professional and academic experience in North America, Europe, & Asia. He has been an entrepreneur in North America with experience of scaling and selling businesses (>US$1 billion) and active investor in global markets (>US$250m). He is the managing director of Kentrus Investment Advisors, CAT-I AIF and Kindle Ventures.

He serves as independent director with UTI Retirement Solutions (~$20 billion pension fund manager for Indian government), NCDEX eMarkets (largest spot agricultural commodity exchange), and MarketLinc India (marketing AI in Canada). Mr. Gupta has been a visiting faculty member at S P Jain Institute of Management for past 10 years and an adjunct faculty member at IMT Ghaziabad for the past 3 years.

By way of educational background, Mr. Gupta has an MBA from the J. L. Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) and a Bachelors in computer engineering. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, venture capital, and technology strategy.

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