Duration 2 Days

Date: December 04-05, 2021


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Managers require to assess the nancial performance of the company for effective decision making. They need to be cost conscious and manage it effectively. As resources of the organisation are limited, each and every manager has the responsibility of utilising it in the best possible manner. For that they need to understand and analyse the nancial statements to ascertain the nancial health, have knowledge about the capital expenditure decisions, assess risk and return of their investment and thus take decisions about investment in companies. While doing so, very often they nd themselves trapped in Balance Sheets, Statement of Prot and Loss and other nancial reports by getting lost in the nancial terminologies like reserves, net worth, leverage, EBITDA, earning per share, debt equity ratio, price -earnings ratio, liquidity position of the company, NPV, IRR, and many such terminologies This programme will help them to learn basics of nance and to polish and enhance their nancial skills so that they can better interact with complex nancial information.


  • To raise the level of nancial awareness of participants.
  • To make better use of resources allocated to their divisions.
  • To help them to understand the risks and return associated with investment decisions.


  • Understanding the basic nancial terminologies.
  • Understanding nancial statements (a pre requisite to understand cost) Income statement, Balance Sheet. Why a cash ow statement is needed when income statement is available?
  • Understanding Types of cost, Fixed and variable cost. Direct and indirect cost. Sunk cost. Relevant and irrelevant cost.
  • Opportunity cost. Prime cost and conversion cost.
  • Allocation of overheads to product and /or cost centres. Calculating unit cost of a product.
  • Managerial Decision Making and effective cost management. Cost- Volume- Prot (CVP) Analysis: Break- Even Point.
  • Contribution Margin and Margin of Safety. Make or Buy or Outsource, Drop/ Add a Product Production under limiting factor constraint.


  • Activity Based Costing through Harvard Publishing House Case.
  • Measures of Protability, Measures of Solvency, Measures of Liquidity, Receivable collection period, Creditors payment period.
  • Du Pont Analysis, Comparison with peers.
  • Capital investment decision: Capital Budgeting.
  • Working Capital Management.

Certification recognised by Industry Leaders


Dr. Puja Aggarwal Gulati

Dr. Puja Aggarwal Gulati is an Associate Professor in Finance Area at IMT Ghaziabad. She is a Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and also holds a Master’s degree in Commerce. After serving industry for few years, she moved to Academics. Presently she has over 14 years of experience in Academics. Prof. Aggarwal is widely travelled and has presented research papers in national and international conferences. She has many research papers and few case studies published to her credit. She has attended training programs on case teaching methods organized by Harvard Business School and on Merger & Acquisition from NTU, Singapore. She had conducted various training programs in Finance area for both public and private sector organizations like, NTPC, EIL, Jubilant Foods to name a few. Her areas of interest include, Financial reporting & analysis, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance and Merger & Acquisitions.

Dr. Barnali Chaklader

Dr. Barnali Chaklader is a Professor of Finance at IMT Ghaziabad. She is a Fellow of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India, Ph.D., M. Com and MBA. She has over 23 years of teaching experience. She has taught as full time and visiting faculty in national and international business schools. She has delivered more than 100 training sessions in private and public sector companies.

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