Duration 3 Days

Date: December 24-26, 2021


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  • To understand various managerial aspects of ethics and corporate governance in decision making.
  • To understand legal framework of corporate governance in India including role, responsibility and duties of key managerial positions and board of directors and its sub committees.
  • To explore benets of diversity on boards especially the role of women directors.
  • To integrate decision making with various challenges because of pandemic like COVID-19 and cyber security threats.
  • To get clarity on different types of audits and responsibility of company executives.
  • To understand internal nancial controls, COSO framework and its importance in risk management.


The word ‘Governance’ comes from a latin word ‘gubernate’, which means to steer. Corporate governance means to steer an organization in the right direction with integrity and being fully complaint. The responsibility vests with the Board of Directors and sub committees of the Board. In today’s corporate world the concept of corporate governance has assumed critical importance because the corporate works on the principle of governance where the shareholders devise systems and strategies where they delegate the work to the Board of Directors. These directors who are in duciary relationship with the company in turn must imbibe principles of corporate governance in spirit and in letter.

The pedagogy will be a right blend of input of statutory, compliances both national and international, strategy modules and their application in the industry. It shall include faculty lectures, casstudies, role plays and analysis of case studies.


  • Board members serving boards of listed companies.
  • All inspiring to be induced on board of companies.
  • Senior and middle level executives aspiring for roles as key managerial personals.
  • Women executives.


  • Introduction- ethics and corporate governance, failure of governance and its consequences.
  • Legislative Framework of Corporate Governance – An International Perspective Corporate Governance codes in USA, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and contemporary developments in the Global Arena Conceptual Framework of Corporate Governance in India: Introduction, need, scope and provisions of corporate governance under the Companies Act, 2013.


  • Fiduciary relationship, Board Effectiveness: Issues and Challenges, Board Composition, Independent directors, role and responsibilities, diversity in Board Room, Types of Directors, Board’s Role and Responsibilities, Chairman, CEO, Separation of Roles, relationship between Directors and Executives, board Charter, Meetings and Processes, performance Evaluation of Board and Directors.
  • Board Committees: conceptual understanding of Board Committees, their Composition, Role and Responsibilities, Contribution to Board Governance, Audit Committee, Shareholders Grievance Committee, Remuneration Committee, Nomination Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, Corporate Compliance Committee and other Committees including CSR committee.


  • Risk Management and Internal Control: Risk and its Classication, Risk Management and Oversight, Enterprise Risk Management, Roles and Responsibilities of Internal Control, Disclosure about Risk, Risk Management and Internal Control Cyber Security and Corporate Governance

Certification recognised by Industry Leaders


Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal

Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal, faculty of law has been associated with IMT Ghaziabad since 2007. She currently serves on the Boards of Zee Media Corporation Ltd, Dish TV India Ltd, Spice Mobility Ltd, Essel Mutual Funds Ltd, Today Merchandise Pvt Ltd, Dish Infra Pvt Limited and had served the board of Essel Forex Ltd. She has been a visiting professor at various IIM’s and reputed institutes abroad like Toulouse Business School, France and S.P Jain Dubai. Her research interests are in the area of corporate laws, corporate governance, and intellectual property rights.

Dr. Poonam Garg

Dr. Poonam Garg is a Ph. D. (Computer Science). She has 28+ years of experience in teaching, research and consulting. Presently she is working as a Professor with Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, India. Her current research interests are in the areas of Blockchain, Enterprise Resource Planning, Social Media Analytics, developing heuristics and meta-heuristics particularly genetic algorithm, Tabu search and simulated annealing-based meta-heuristic for various optimization problem such as cryptanalysis of various encryption algorithms and Project Management. Her teaching interests are in Management Information System, Blockchain, Enterprise Resource Planning, Design Thinking, Information Security, Networking Concepts and Planning and Management Information System. She has published papers in leading international journals and has ten edited books. She has served many International Conferences as a conference co-chair, conference track chair and members of program committee. She is also a Ph.D. supervisor, guiding thesis in the area of Enterprise resource planning and Information Security.

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