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Technology at the heart of Business Transformation

Matt Mullenweg rightly quoted, “Technology is best when it brings people together”. Pandemic taught humanity that the ultimate mode of survival depends upon immediate actions against the unprecedented situations. Similarly, when the business operations go hand in hand with technology can serve as the competitive advantage.

At 20th Inflection Tech Innovation Web Conference on the panel- “Technology playing a crucial role in transforming the business & it’s future”, Yoginder Grewal from Hindustan Coca-Cola said that,“Driving simplicity is the key to success for both technology and innovation”. Reduction of complexity in the technology is really important. Cloud computing and crisis planning serves as a key saviour in such unprecedented times of pandemic, therefore, it should always be kept aligned with the business vision.

Farhan Khan from Radico Khaitan discussed how cloud computing actually worked as the best option amidst covid-19. He believes that business gets highly impacted by data quality. Therefore, he shared his valuable advice to have a data strategy in place with respect to the business vision for better results.

Ankur Aggarwal from Accenture shared his idea of five key building blocks in system resilience such as:

Cloud Computing

Cyber Security

Hyper Automation

Architecture & Business

Service Continuity

Ankur believes that it’s a journey with data to gain insights, understand and utilise the same in the most meaningful way.

Vaidyanath Subbaraman from Unilever believes that customer loyalty is majorly driven by the customer satisfaction and fulfilment. It is necessary to keep an integrated resilient infrastructure ready for bringing the industry on standardized mode. He laid his emphasis on the needs and requirements to stand out in the era of prescriptive analytics rather than predictive analytics. He also suggested his idea of focusing onto customer personalisation rather than mass globalisation.

Kunal Mehta from Raymond discussed his experience and best practices which enhanced the stability of their industry in Covid-19 times. For a manufacturing and retail brand like Raymond, the customer database is really precious. Cloud computing and continuous reactivity on customer feedback always serves best in terms of stability and productivity. He believes that the analysis of data, how and when to use is a puzzle. If cracked, makes the business reach the target.

Vishal Gupta from Nandos India believes that reducing complexity and increasing simplicity is the need of hour. The decisions are more algorithm-based and data driven rather than on a forecast. He also laid his emphasis on how customer data protection plays a vital role. Appropriate amount of resources can be used efficiently only with proper analysis of the problems and challenges.


Partha Sarathi Mukhopadhyay from Cargill explained how simplification of processes directly depend upon the simplicity of internal process. Quality of data is important and can be ensured by the ground level team since they are the direct users of the data and therefore, their access to the data ensures accuracy and integrity.

While it is true that technology does not define digital transformation, it is a sure means to better customer experiences. Technology when bought together with customer behaviour will create customer relevance.

The webinar ended with the India’s most prestigious Marketing awards ceremony where the top Industry leaders of India got awarded.

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