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Continuous improvement of the understanding & control of Consumer Data- Open Data Initiative(ODI)

Open data initiative (ODI) of Microsoft, SAP and ADOBE gives a single view of the customer data which every CEO is looking for. Real time connection of Demand chain with supply chain, completely integrated. It gives the companies more control of end to end customer data. This initiative is all about unlocking the data in Demand chain. Even 5% improvement in retention of customers can lead to 95% improvement in profits. Broadspectrum impact of technology on your business will be leveraged through ODI. Its an open party with more companies to join. ODI will facilitate the ease of use of the latest and greatest technology by even small businesses.

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CNBC’s full interview with Microsoft’s Nadella, Adobe’s Narayen and SAP’s McDermott

Published on 24 Sep 2018 on youtube

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