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The Rise of Augmented Intelligence

The incredible advances in AI is now enabling companies to embrace the opportunity to truly serve their clients by making every effort to understand their needs, likes, dislikes, aspirations and in so doing personalise every possible interaction with them. Any business whose purpose relies upon putting its customer front and centre of everything must adopt advanced analytics, machine learning and genuine AI to improve efficiency, as well as to increase the customer’s all round experience and ultimately satisfaction. 
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AI can enable empathy and humanity in hyper-personalized customer experience. Most often people mistake machines to be very mechanical but forget that well trained machine can be free of human bias with lot more empathy. 

AI overcome the human limitations to consume and analyze data on a scale we previously could only imagine in a way that’s familiar to humans. The ability to think independently, to grow more knowledgeable from being exposed to more information and to adapt and adjust when things change.

The man V/S machine conundrum is evergreen. Much like a human decision maker, AI needs to ‘act’ responsibly, explain its decisions, and work well with others. 

Raising AI requires addressing many of the same challenges faced in human education and growth: fostering an understanding of right and wrong, and what it means to behave responsibly; imparting knowledge without bias; and building self-reliance while emphasizing the importance of collaborating and communicating with others.

Augmented Intelligence takes human intuition and imagination, and combines it with AI’s ability to automate and scale, making the Intelligent Workplace hard to beat.

Augmented intelligence solution doesn’t just do what it’s been programmed to do; it can go further than that, responding to changing information and making adjustments based on what it learns as it goes along. AI systems are capable of not just computing, but actually learning — with a subset of machine learning called deep learning. “With deep learning, machines themselves figure out which rules to follow based on data researchers feed them. 

AI and big data are intertwined: AI provides the large-scale analytics needed to extract meaning and benefit from big data, while big data provides the knowledge needed for AI to continue to learn and evolve — or to become more intelligent. 

Platforms and algorithms have advanced so much that the make-or-break factor will be the data. Accurate, precise, specific training data — whether that’s conversations, product attributes, sentiment analysis, or one of the many other types of training data that today’s AI necessitates — is what sets one application apart from the rest. That’s why so many large AI platforms are more than happy to let you use their services for free, as long as they can use your data to improve their algorithms.

Contributed by

Ritesh Sarda, CIO, Sunlife Financial, Hong Kong

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More about Ritesh Sarda

He has a rich 18 years financial services industry experience and has led technology teams in Singapore, Japan, India and the Philippines. He has delivered large digital transformation projects across Asia and North America.

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