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Blockchain News -Abu Dhabi Ports declares Blockchain Solution.

Abu Dhabi Ports has now teamed up with Port of Antwerp to run a pilot project for its blockchain.

Abu Dhabi Ports blockchain project will undergo an international POC ( proof-of-concept test) with the Port of Antwerp.

A MOU (memorandum of understanding) was signed between Abu Dhabi Ports and the Port of Antwerp to test “exchange, identify and acknowledge cargo documents and certificates between Abu Dhabi Ports and the Port of Antwerp.” Click to know what top leaders of SAP, Walmart say about Blockchain?

Abu Dhabi Ports stated in a press release that the technology is designed to provide easy and public access to transaction status updates, reduce the need for paperwork, calls and physical visits as well as to speed up information exchange overall.

The platform will first be made available to freight forwarders and their customers before being rolled out to the rest of the shipping and logistics industry as a supplement to the existing system.

The shipping and logistics industry is benefiting from blockchain upgrades. UPS joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) in November 2017 and it hopes to use blockchain systems to improve overall customer service and Security. The Northfolk Southern, one of the biggest shipping and logistics companies in the US, in May 2018,also joined with BiTA to help identify opportunities for blockchain technologies to improve the transportation supply-chain.

Source ethnews article Abu Dhabi Ports Announces Silsal Blockchain Solution For Shipping And Logistics October 18, 2018

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